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Geraldina's Couture, LLC

Hartsdale's exclusive women's clothing & tailoring boutique!

In just 3 years, the storefront of Geraldina's Couture has grown to become a top choice for the custom-making and tailoring of high-end women's clothing in Westchester.

Owned and operated by Geraldina Shabani, all of our specialized and customized services reflect Dina's talent, vision, and passion for sterling quality work and perfection, developed through her decades of experience as a tailor for firms at the pinnacle of the fashion world - including PRADA Dolce & Gabbana, and FENDI. Prior to her arrival in the US, Dina worked primarily as a custom tailor for private clients in Rhodes, Greece.

Throughout her career, Dina has altered products brought in by clients from nearly all of the top fashion brands and designers, such as Dior, Valentino, and GUCCI, as well as numerous designer-Bridal Gowns with different degrees of complexity and involvement, all requiring a meticulous hand! We provide a full-service custom tailoring experience that includes alterations for special gowns and dresses, as well as our unique custom-made option; drawing from your inspirations and preferences and through our Dina's personalized style consultations, we can bring your dream dress to life!


Whether you are looking for fittings & alterations of any kind, or are looking to begin a custom project, Geraldina's Couture offers attentive, timely tailoring with unmatched quality. Please be sure to explore our site for details and samples of our work, or scroll below for an impression of the reputation we have built with our clients and community!

Publications, Reviews & Social Media

....Both of my Grandmothers were seamstresses and I have an extensive background working in fashion with designers such as Armani, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana so it isn't hard for me to recognize talent in this arena. Geraldina designed and brought to fruition a marvelous gown made of imported silk organza that had this magnificent sheen to it with a mesh top that she bathed in Swarovski crystals.  Her talent and impeccable quality  is unparalleled and I will forever be grateful to her.  She made me feel like a Queen from a fairytale for a day and for that I will always regard her as my fairy godmother. Thank you Geraldina!

- Lina

....Geraldina's couture is a life saver!
I had taken one of my Indian wedding outfits to a tailor in Edison thinking they would do a great job since they were familiar with Indian work. But they did such a sloppy job with the sleeves and didn't do half the things I asked. The work on a lot of Indian outfits are so intricate and a lot of times hand done, which means it can be pricey. I was so nervous bc it was for my wedding and tried Geraldine's couture bc it was near my house. They did an INCREDIBLE job. I will be bringing any and everything to them from now on for tailoring. They take pride in their work, are timely and very kind. Thanks again for all your help!

- Anita

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I injured my knee a few days before an event. It wasn't until I was trying to pack the morning before, that I realized I could not wear heels and my dress now a few inches too long, dragging fabric and creating a trip hazard. I brought the dress into this shop and was relieved to find out they could accommodate a last minute alteration. Even better, Geraldina made the alteration temporary, so when I'm back on my feet (and in my heels) again, the hem can be dropped back down. Thank you SO much for excellent service.

- Heather

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