Bridal Alterations & Restyling

We perform all types of fine alterations & necessary fittings, including:

                                          - Let-outs and Take-ins, Tapers and Lengthening/Shortening

                                          - Bust Corrections, Resizing

                                          - Sleeves, Neckline Lowering/Closing, Reshaping

                                          - Trimming and Detailing/Bejeweling

                                          - Veil & Cape Alterations and Restyling

Beautiful Clients, Beautiful Dresses

Meghan and Kyle's Wedding - The Garrison

This dress initially featured high darts that did not match the overall style. The top was also too long, so it was recut to achieve the proper length and to remove the darts. We used the right techniques to leave no needle hole marks when working on the darts. The skirt was too big at the hips and left a lot of slack, so it had to be reshaped and tapered. The dress was also too long, and all 6 layers had to be hemmed, with the edges being flowered for an improved look.

Amy and Ari's Wedding


Certainly one of our more complicated projects, this beautiful dress was brought to us after the client's custom-order came 4 sizes bigger. It required a total resizing to perfectly show her silhouette, for which the entire length of the dress had to be opened up in its parts and recut. Through skillful measurement and a talented eye, the dress wore beautifully from the very first fitting, and with just a couple of adjustments, we achieved a perfect fit.

Christine and Alex's Wedding


This dress was initially long-waisted and too long on the bottom, so we took-in the top and hemmed the end. This was a detailed job as it involved a wide horsehair. A beige panel that was breaking the white-lace look of the dress was removed, and using the same lace material we re-did the neckline into a more elegant V-shape.


Bottom and tail on this dress were too high and loose on the back, giving a bulky look from the gorgeous, fanned tail to the bust. The bust, hips, and tail were all taken in to also give the dress a more "mermaid" shape.

Reshaping and Resizing - Before and After


If you are looking for more involved alteration work or for extensive changes to a vintage dress, please view: